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Decorateing rooms

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The paints


This is what you usually see when you want to paint the walls of one of the rooms that are not prepainted by moove, but you can paint the walls and floor of those ones


Plain but can be attractive when is all furnished, but you want something Diffrent, something that says YOU

Adobe Photoshop

This is what I use, OK not all the time, but for this tutorial I will be, this is where you will need a lot of time and patients, as it can takes a while, oh and a good imagination as well

Open your program, and for this room ( small room) as its all one size walls, I use 1600x600pxls.  Now remember we are going to make the illusion of a larger room or another room leading onto, so make sure you have handy all the pictures you will be needing, well saves time when your working , lazy aint I? lol